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Code Compliance Research Reports (CCRR)

Code Compliance Research Reports Fast Facts
  • ANSI Accredited Product Certification Program
  • Accepted by local and regional code officials nationwide
  • Developed and signed by qualified licensed professionals with recognized industry experience
  • Validated through qualified independent quality assurance

Value: Serving A Critical Need

Code and building officials cannot be experts in all products over which they have jurisdiction. They depend on research reports from accredited programs using licensed professionals. The Code Compliance Research Report program was developed by Architectural Testing to meet this need.  A Code Compliance Research Report (CCRR) provides the evidence, technical information, and professional evaluation that a building official relies upon to determine that a product, component, or method of construction complies with a specified code.

Architectural Testing’s ANSI-accredited CCRR program provides accurate, thorough product evaluations developed by respected, licensed professional engineers within a time frame that gives you the best chance of getting your products approved in the market place in the shortest possible time and at a reasonable fee.

Reports and Notifications:

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Innovation: CCRRs Provide Qualified Evaluations

Architectural Testing Code Compliance Research Reports provide officials and decision makers with substantial evidence that the product complies with applicable provisions of their building code.

An Architectural Testing CCRR is a good faith determination made by licensed professional engineers that an alternative material, product, design or method of construction has been demonstrated by approved testing and engineering analysis to comply with the intent of the provisions of the building codes referenced in the report. CCRRs are based upon review of test reports from qualified independent laboratories as well as engineering analysis, drawings and evaluations from other qualified professionals.

Each CCRR is developed and signed by qualified Architectural Testing licensed professional with recognized industry experience. It has an exclusive Architectural Testing CCRR number applied to the product or offering. That number means it was:

  • Tested and evaluated for conformance to building code requirements
  • Manufactured under a recognized and approved quality control system
  • Conforms on an ongoing basis via unannounced inspections by a qualified independent agency

Local and regional code officials have accepted CCRRs created by Architectural Testing; in addition, they are accessible to the public via the Web.

ANSI Accredited

The Architectural Testing Code Compliance Research Report program is accredited as a product certification program by the American National Standards Institute. ANSI accreditation adds an additional level of integrity and confidence to a program that has already gained wide acceptance among building code officials.

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