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Code Compliance Research Reports (CCRR)

Code Compliance Research Reports Fast Facts
  • ANSI Accredited Product Certification Program
  • Accepted by local and regional code officials nationwide
  • Developed and signed by qualified licensed professionals with recognized industry experience
  • Validated through qualified independent quality assurance

Value: Serving A Critical Need

Code and building officials cannot be experts in all products over which they have jurisdiction. They depend on research reports from accredited programs using licensed professionals. The Code Compliance Research Report program was developed by Architectural Testing to meet this need.  A Code Compliance Research Report (CCRR) provides the evidence, technical information, and professional evaluation that a building official relies upon to determine that a product, component, or method of construction complies with a specified code.

Architectural Testing’s ANSI-accredited CCRR program provides accurate, thorough product evaluations developed by respected, licensed professional engineers within a time frame that gives you the best chance of getting your products approved in the market place in the shortest possible time and at a reasonable fee.

Reports and Notifications:

     CCRR Validity Memo
     CCRR-0103 Paragon Plastics - NOTICE OF MISUSE
     iAS Accreditation Certificate   - Current Copy
     See Our Ad in the ICC Building Safety Journal   - September 2008 Issue
     CCRR-0100 Mid Atlantic Vinyl Products, Inc.   - Weatherwise Vinyl Railing
     CCRR-0101 AZEK Building Products   - AZEK Deck and Porch Boards
     CCRR-0105 Nebraska Plastics, Inc.   - Country Estate Railing System
     CCRR-0106 Ply Gem Fence / Railing   - Kroy Vinyl Railing Systems
     CCRR-0107 Enduris Extrusions, Inc.    - Enduris Extrusion Railing Systems
     CCRR-0111 Missouri Vinyl Products, LLC   - Vinyl Guardrail Systems
     CCRR-0113 Sunoptics Prismatic Skylights, Inc.   - Sunoptics Prismatic Skylights / Baylight
     CCRR-0114 CPG Building Products LLC   - Guardrail Systems
     CCRR-0115 CertainTeed Corporation   - Panorama Composite Guardrail System
     CCRR-0118 TAMKO Building Products, Inc.   - TAMKO TAM-RAIL Railing System
     CCRR-0121 SYNTHEON Inc.   - accel-E (S.T.E.P.) Wall System
     CCRR-0125 Color Guard, Inc.   - Color Guard Vinyl Railing System
     CCRR-0128 AZEK Building Products   - TimberTech Decking Planks
     CCRR-0130 Framecad Licensing Limited   - FrameCAD Cold Formed Steel Studs and Tracks
     CCRR-0131 Solatube International Inc.   - Solatube Tubular Daylighting Devices
     CCRR-0132 Trex Company Inc.   - Trex Transcend and Select Series Railings
     CCRR-0135 Integrity Composites, LLC.   - DuraLife RailWays Universal Railing
     CCRR-0137 VEKA Inc.   - VEKAdeck Decking Planks
     CCRR-0138 VEKA Inc.   - VEKA Vinyl Guardrail Systems
     CCRR-0138 Great Railing, Inc.   - Vinyl Guardrail Systems
     CCRR-0142 GAF   - TruSlate Roofing System
     CCRR-0143 Eastern Wholesale Fence   - Illusions Vinyl Railing System
     CCRR-0144 Enduris Extrusions Inc.   - EnDeck Deck Boards
     CCRR-0145 Marshall Stamping Company   - Marshall Columns
     CCRR-0147 Digger Specialties, Inc.   - TRX Vinyl Guardrail Systems
     CCRR-0149 Versatex Building Products, LLC   - Versatex, Cellular PVC Trimboard
     CCRR-0150 UFP Ventures II, Inc.   - Latitudes Intrepid Railing System
     CCRR-0153 Fairway Architectural Railing Solutions   - V200 Vinyl Railing System
     CCRR-0155 INTEX Millwork Solutions   - Dartmouth RS30, Hampton RS40 and Liberty RS60 Rail Systems
     CCRR-0155 Integrity Composites, LLC   - Duralife Rockport Rail System
     CCRR-0160 Integrity Composites   - DuraLife Siesta, Dock and Porch Collection
     CCRR-0161 Maine Ornamental LLC   - Deckorators Aluminum Railing Systems
     CCRR-0163 Digger Specialties, Inc.   - Westbury Aluminum Railing
     CCRR-0164 Ply Gem Siding Group   - Polypropylene Siding
     CCRR-0167 Superior Plastic Products, Inc.   - 800 Series 2x4 Rail, 1000 T-Rail, 3000 Newport Rail, 200 Professional
     CCRR-0167 Cardinal Building Products   - Sonic Beveled-S,R,T and Sonic 24-S,R,T
     CCRR-0171 UFP Ventures, II, Inc.   - DecKorators CXT Railing Systems
     CCRR-0173 Kalwall Corporation   - Kalwall Translucent Sandwich Panels
     CCRR-0175 Tapco International Corporation   - Clubhouse Decking
     CCRR-0176 Fairway Architectural Railing Solutions   - CP300 Composite Railing System
     CCRR-0177 TAMKO Building Products   - EverGrain Decking - 1x6 & 2x6
     CCRR-0181 SigmaDek   - Life Long Ledger Assembly
     CCRR-0184 Norandex Building Materials Distribution   - Norandex Vinyl Siding 
     CCRR-0185 Tapco International Corporation   - Plus Vinyl Railing Systems
     CCRR-0186 Trex Company, Inc.    - Trex Elevations 
     CCRR-0187 CertainTeed Corporation   - Oxford Vinyl Railing System
     CCRR-0188 InSpire Roofing Products    - Inspire Arcella Shake and Aledora Slate Roofing
     CCRR-0192 Fortress Railing Products   - Fe26 Traditional Railing and Fe26 PLUS Traditional Railing 
     CCRR-0193 Solatube International, Inc   - Solatube SkyVault, Model M74 DS 
     CCRR-0194 TAMKO Building Products, Inc.   - Marquee Railing System
     CCRR-0195 Eovations, LLC   - Eovations Deck Boards and DecKorator Deck Boards
     CCRR-0196 CPG Building Products LLC   - Evolutions Rail Contemporary and Builder 
     CCRR-0197 GAF   - EnergyGuard Polyiso Insulated Sheathing
     CCRR-0199 ATAS International, Inc.   - Advanta Shingle Roof Panels
     CCRR-0200 Westech Building Products, Inc.   - Deck Lok™ System 
     CCRR-0201 Chelsea Building Products   - Everlast Polymeric Siding
     CCRR-0202 Trex Company, Inc.   - Trex Reveal and Signature Railing 
     CCRR-0204 ClarkDietrich Building Systems, LLC   - ClarkDietrich Metal Lath
     CCRR-0205 ClarkDietrich Building Systems, LLC   - MaxTrak
     CCRR-0206 ClarkDietrich Building Systems, LLC   - Structural Studs and Tracks
     CCRR-0207 ClarkDietrich Building Systems, LLC   - ProStud/ProTrak
     CCRR-0208 ClarkDietrich Building Systems, LLC   - FastClip
     CCRR-0210 The Dow Chemical Company   - Styrofoam Plazamate Insulation
     CCRR-0211 CertainTeed Corporation   - Kingston Railing System
     CCRR-0213 Key Link Fencing & Railing, Inc.   - Aluminum Railing Systems
     CCRR-0215 Master Wall Inc.   - Master Wall Cemplaster Fiberstucco System
     CCRR-0216 Westech Building Products   - TruGrain Gold Decking
     CCRR-0217 Inspire Roofing Products   - Inspire Classic Roof Slates
     CCRR-0218 Trex Company, Inc.   - Style Selections Decking
     CCRR-0219 CertainTeed Corporation   - CertainTeed EverNew Vinyl Decking
     CCRR-0220 Applegate Insulation Systems   - Applegate Cotton Armor Insulation
     CCRR-0222C Weyerhaeuser   - TJ Rim Board, TimberStrand LSL 
     CCRR-0223 Ultra Aluminum Manufacturing, Inc.   - Ultra Max and Ultra Advantage Railing Systems
     CCRR-0223 Absolute Distribution Inc.   - DekPro Prestige Aluminum Railings
     CCRR-0223 L.B. Plastics, Inc.   - 1200 Series Railing System
     CCRR-0223 Shoreline Vinyl Systems, Inc.   - Coastal Aluminum Rail By Shoreline
     CCRR-0223 USA Vinyl, LLC   - Ultra Advantage Jefferson Guardrails
     CCRR-0224 Steel Framing Industry Association   - Standard Cold-Formed Steel Framing Members
     CCRR-0224 California Expanded Metal Prod (CEMCO)   - Standard Cold-Formed Steel Framing Members
     CCRR-0224 CGK, Inc. DBA Premier Steel Fabrication   - Standard Cold-Formed Steel Framing Members
     CCRR-0224 ClarkDietrich Building Systems   - Standard Cold-Formed Steel Framing Members
     CCRR-0224 Douglas Steel Supply & Framing   - Standard Cold-Formed Steel Framing Members
     CCRR-0224 Frametek Steel Products   - Standard Cold-Formed Steel Framing Members
     CCRR-0224 J and S Livonia, Inc. DBA Jaimes Ind.   - Standard Cold-Formed Steel Framing Members
     CCRR-0224 Jobsite Steel Manufacturing, LLC   - Standard Cold-Formed Steel Framing Members
     CCRR-0224 MB Steel Company   - Standard Cold-Formed Steel Framing Members
     CCRR-0224 Olmar Supply, Inc.   - Standard Cold-Formed Steel Framing Members
     CCRR-0224 Priefert Manufacturing, Inc.   - Standard Cold-Formed Steel Framing Members
     CCRR-0224 Quail Run Building Materials, Inc.   - Standard Cold-Formed Steel Framing Members
     CCRR-0224 R & P Supply, Inc.   - Standard Cold-Formed Steel Framing Members
     CCRR-0224 TNT Manufacturing   - Standard Cold-Formed Steel Framing Members
     CCRR-0225 Haworth Inc.   - TecCrete Access Flooring System
     CCRR-0226 Westech Building Products, Inc.   - TruGrain 6" Siding
     CCRR-0227 Westech Building Products, Inc.   - TruGrain 4 Channel Facade
     CCRR-0228 Kingspan Insulated Panels, Inc.   - Kingspan Foam Core Panels (200/300) Series
     CCRR-0230 BASF Corporation   - StuccoBase Cementitious Exterior Wall Covering
     CCRR-0231 The QUIKRETE Companies   - SPEC MIX Fiber Base Coat Stucco
     CCRR-0232 International Beams, LLC   - IB Series I-Joists
     CCRR-0232 BlueLinx Corporation   - BLI Joists
     CCRR-0234 Wasco Building Products   - Curb-Mount Thermalized Unit Skylights
     CCRR-0235 Firestone Building Products Company, LLC   - SunWave Daylights
     CCRR-0237 Tapco International Corporation   - Kleer PVC Trim Boards
     CCRR-0238 CPG Building Products LLC   - Impression Rail System
     CCRR-0239 USA Floodair Vents, LTD.   - Flood and Air Vents
     CCRR-0240 Firestone Building Products Company, LLC   - Firestone SBS and APP Modified Bitumen Roof Systems
     CCRR-0241 The Tapco Group   - Grayne Engineered Shake and Shingle
     CCRR-0242 O'Sullivan Films, Inc.   - IntelliDeck
     CCRR-0243 Maine Ornamental   - ALX Classic Aluminum Railing System
     CCRR-0244 SigmaDek Limited   - SigmaDek System
     CCRR-0246 American Choice Railing and Fencing LLC   - Vinyl T-Rail System
     CCRR-0247 Profile Vox Sp.Z.o.o.sp.k   - Kerrafront Cellular PVC Siding
     CCRR-0248 Fortress Railing Products   - Fortress Vertical Cable Railing
     CCRR-0249 BASF Corporation   - PermaLath 1000 Glass Fiber Lath
     CCRR-0250 Midwest Manufacturing Extrusion   - UltraDeck Rustic and UltraDeck Fusion Deck Boards
     CCRR-0251 Nascor Systems (Division of Kott Lumber)   - Nascor by KOTT I-Joists NJ and NJH Series
     CCRR-0253 Higgins Construction & Supply Company   - Performance Panel Steel Roofing
     CCRR-0255 BASF Corporation   - MaxFlash Flexible Flashing
     CCRR-0257 Vinylast, Inc.   - Atlas-Pro Quik-Mount Post Mount System
     CCRR-0257 Trigo Enterprises, LTD   - Atlas-Pro Quik-Mount Post Mount System
     CCRR-0258 Nichiha USA, Inc.   - NichiProducts Fiber-Cement Siding Products
     CCRR-0259 CertainTeed Corporation   - STONEfacade
     CCRR-0260 Roxul USA, Inc. dba Rockfon   - SpanAir Torsion Spring Plus Concealed Metal Ceiling System
     CCRR-0261 Metwood, Inc.   - MTWDeck Bracket
     CCRR-0264 BASF Corporation   - MasterSeal AWB 900
     CCRR-0265 Fortress Deck Products   - Infinity Deck Boards and Infinity Stair Boards
     CCRR-0266 CPG International, LLC   - AZEK Cellular PVC Cladding
     CCRR-0267 Roxul USA Inc. d/b/a Rockfon   - Planar Linear Metal Suspended Ceiling System
     CCRR-1001 LinerLock, Inc.   - LL-140 and LL-110 Roof Underlayments
     CCRR-1002 Gaco Western, LLC   - Gaco WallFoam 183M
     CCRR-1003 BuildBlock Building Systems, LLC   - BuildBlock and BuildLock Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs)
     CCRR-1004 Epilay, Inc.   - Epilay Superior, Ultra and Platinum Roof Underlayments
     CCRR-1005 Cellox, LLC   - Celblox Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs)
     CCRR-1006 Plasti-Fab, Ltd.   - Advantage Insulating Concrete Forming (ICF) System
     CCRR-1009 Gaco Western, LLC   - GacoFireStop2 F5001 Spray-Applied Polyurethane Insulation
     CCRR-1010 Airlite Plastics Co.   - Fox Block Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs)
     CCRR-1011 SWD Urethane Company   - SWD Quick-Shield Spray-Applied Polyurethane Foam Insulation
     CCRR-1012 DIRTT Environmental Solutions, Ltd.   - DIRTT Solid Wall / Face Tiled Wall System
     CCRR-1013 Airlite Plastics Co.   - Fox 1440 Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs)
     CCRR-1015 IBCO SRL   - UDL-MD and RhinoRoof U15 Roof Underlayments
     CCRR-1016 Greenblock International, LLC   - 2-4-2 Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs), Fixed-Web ICFs, G-BLOX ICFs
     CCRR-1017 IBCO SRL   - RhinoRoof RSA Underlayment
     CCRR-1018 Kingspan Insulation, LLC   - GreenGuard Building Wrap Products
     CCRR-1021 Kingspan Insulation, LLC   - GreenGuard and GreenGuard RCY Extruded Polystyrene Insulation Boards
     CCRR-1022 Kingspan Insulation, LLC   - GreenGuard Fanfold and Insulating Sheathing
     CCRR-1023 DIRTT Environmental Solutions LTD   - DIRTT Low Profile Raised Access Floor
     CCRR-1024 IBCO SRL   - Titanium UDL 25, UDL 30 and UDL 50 Roof Underlayments
     CCRR-1025 Lapolla Industries, Inc.   - FOAM-LOK FL2000-4G Spray-Applied Polyurethane Insulation
     CCRR-1026 General Coatings Manufacturing Corp.   - Ultra-Thane Foam System
     CCRR-1028 FT Synthetics, Inc.   - FT Synthetics Silver, Gold and Platinum Roof Underlayments
     CCRR-1029 InSoFast LLC   - UX 2.0 and EX 2.5 Panels
     CCRR-1031 BASF Corporation   - Spraytite and Walltite Spray-Applied Insulation
     CCRR-1032 BASF Corporation   - Entertite Open-Cell Spray-Applied Insulation
     CCRR-1033 Plasti-Fab LTD   - EnerSpan M-24 Insulation
     CCRR-1035 Innovative Construction Materials LTD   - MaxFelt 30 Roof Underlayment
     CCRR-1036 Max Roofing Products, LLC   - MaxFelt 30 Roof Underlayment
     CCRR-1037 Kingspan Insulated Panels, Inc.   - Designwall 2000 and Designwall 4000 Foam Core Insulated Metal Panels
     CCRR-1038 Springlink Building Materials, Inc.   - Synthetic Roofing Underlayments
     CCRR-1038 Robetex Inc.   - Synthetic Roofing Underlayments
     CCRR-1039 Gracious Living Innovations, Inc.   - AURA Decking Deck Boards
     CCRR-1040 Gaco Western, LLC   - Gaco FR6500R Spray-Applied Polyurethane Insulation
     CCRR-1041 GT Industrial Products Company   - GUARDMAX GMX-145 Roofing Underlayment
     CCRR-1042 GT Industrial Products Company   - GUARDMAX SilverMax 30 Roofing Underlayment
     CCRR-1043 Gaco Western, LLC   - Gaco F1850 Spray-Applied Polyurethane Insulation
     CCRR-1044 Fire Retardant Coatings of Texas, LLC   - FX Lumber Guard and FX Lumber Guard XT Fire Retardant Coatings
     CCRR-1045 Continental Materials Inc.   - SecureGrip Synthetic Roofing Underlayments
     CCRR-1046 Durasystems Barriers, Inc.   - DuraDuct KEX Prefabricated Grease Duct Enclosure System
     CCRR-1047 Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau   - Western Red Cedar Shakes and Shingles
     CCRR-1047 Anbrook Industries Ltd.   - Western Red Cedar Shakes and Shingles
     CCRR-1047 Goat Lake Forest Products   - Western Red Cedar Shakes and Shingles
     CCRR-1047 S & K Cedar Products Ltd.   - Western Red Cedar Shakes and Shingles
     CCRR-1047 Serpentine Cedar Ltd.   - Western Red Cedar Shakes and Shingles
     CCRR-1047 Waldun Forest Products Partnership   - Western Red Cedar Shakes and Shingles
     CCRR-1048 Veer Plastics Private Limited   - A4, C4 and D4 Synthetic Roofing Underlayments
     CCRR-1049 Covestro LLC   - Bayseal OCX Spray-Applied Polyurethane Insulation
     CCRR-1050 SWD Urethane   - SWD Quik-Shield - 100X Spray-Applied Polyurethane Foam Insulation
     CCRR-1051 SWD Urethane   - SWD Quik-Shield - 108 Spray-Applied Polyurethane Foam Insulation
     CCRR-1052 CertainTeed Corporation   - Razorback Synthetic Roofing Underlayment
     CCRR-1053 Perma R Products Inc.   - PermaFelt Silver, PermaFelt Gold and Profelt 30 Roof Underlayments
     CCRR-1054 Tri-Built Materials Group, LLC   - TBSYN10, TBSYN25, TBSYN PLUS and TBSYN MAX Synthetic Roofing Underlayments
     CCRR-1055 Marco Industries   - HydraShell Silver and HydraShell Platinum Roof Underlayments
     CCRR-1056 TAMKO Building Products, Inc.   - SyntheticGuard and SyntheticGuard Plus Roofing Underlayments
     CCRR-1057 Mid-States Asphalt   - Quik-Felt Synthetic Roofing Underlayment
     CCRR-1058 Fiberweb, Inc.   - Surround VR Roof Underlayment
     CCRR-1059 Stobich Brandschutz GmbH   - Smoke Containment Systems
     CCRR-1060 Quad-Lock Building Systems Ltd.   - Quad-Lock Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs)
     CCRR-1061 Rollfab Metal Products, LLC   - Aluma-Kor PE Core and FR Core Metal Composite Material (MCM) Panels
     CCRR-1062 E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company   - Dupont Tyvek Protec 120, 160, 200 Roof Underlayments
     CCRR-1063 Demilec USA Inc.   - SEALECTION 500 Spray-Applied Polyurethane Foam Insulation
     CCRR-1065 Icynene, Inc.    - Icynene MD-C-200 Spray-applied Polyurethane Foam Insulation
     CCRR-1066 Kingspan Insulation, LLC   - Kooltherm Insulation Boards
     CCRR-1067 Beacon Sales Acquisition Inc.   - PeakPly Synthetic Roofing Underlayment
     CCRR-1068 Owens Corning Roofing and Asphalt LLC   - ProArmor Synthetic Roofing Underlayment
     CCRR-1069 Homeguard Products Inc.   - ToughSkin Roof Underlayments
     CCRR-1070 IBCO SRL   - RhinoRoof U10 Roofing Underlayment
     CCRR-1072 Plasti-Fab Ltd.   - Plasti-Fab Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Insulation Products
     CCRR-1073 R-Stud, LLC   - R-Stud Steel Framing Members
     CCRR-1075 Gaco Western, LLC   - GacoGreen 052N Spray-Applied Polyurethane Insulation
     CCRR-1076 International Fireproof Technology Inc.    - DC315 Intumescent Coating
     CCRR-1076 International Carbide Technology Co. Ltd   - DC315 Intumescent Coating
     CCRR-1077 Resisto, A Division of Soprema   - Resistor Roofing Underlayments
     CCRR-1078 Mule-Hide Products Co., Inc.   - Mule-Hide Roof System
     CCRR-1079 Johns Manville   - JM Corbond oc SPF Open-Cell Spray-Applied Polyurethane Foam Insulation
     CCRR-1080 Lotte Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.   - Starex SF Grade H and Grade L Polystyrene Beads
     CCRR-1081 Van-Packer Company, Incorporated   - Van-Packer Model GRZ Series Prefabricated Grease Duct Enclosure System
     CCRR-1082 Malarkey Roofing Products   - Secure Start Lite and Secure Start Plus Roofing Underlayments
     CCRR-1083 Epilay, Inc.   - Plystik Plus Synthetic Roofing Underlayment
     CCRR-1084 Spray Market Inc. (The)   - SPM-24K Spray-applied Polyurethane Foam Insulation
     CCRR-1085 General Coatings Manufacturing Corp.   - Ultra-Thane 230 Wall Foam Spray-applied Poly Foam Plastic Insulation
     CCRR-1086 McKeon Door Company   - McKeon Steel Doors, Door Assemblies, Fire and Smoke Shutters
     CCRR-1087 E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company   - DuPont Roof Protector Roofing Underlayment
     CCRR-1088 Chicago Flameproof and Wood Specialties    - FlameTech Fire-Retardant-Treated Wood
     CCRR-1088 Fire Retardant Chemical Technologies LLC   - FlameTech Fire-Retardant-Treated Wood
     CCRR-1089 BlueLinx Corporation   - PROLinx Synthetic UDL 10 Synthetic Roofing Underlayment
     CCRR-1090 Urethane Technology Company, Inc.   - UTC 7077-2.2 Spray-applied Polyurethane Foam Insulation
     CCRR-1091 Lapolla Industries, Inc.   - Foam-Lok 500 and 400 Spray-applied Polyurethane Foam Insulation

Innovation: CCRRs Provide Qualified Evaluations

Architectural Testing Code Compliance Research Reports provide officials and decision makers with substantial evidence that the product complies with applicable provisions of their building code.

An Architectural Testing CCRR is a good faith determination made by licensed professional engineers that an alternative material, product, design or method of construction has been demonstrated by approved testing and engineering analysis to comply with the intent of the provisions of the building codes referenced in the report. CCRRs are based upon review of test reports from qualified independent laboratories as well as engineering analysis, drawings and evaluations from other qualified professionals.

Each CCRR is developed and signed by qualified Architectural Testing licensed professional with recognized industry experience. It has an exclusive Architectural Testing CCRR number applied to the product or offering. That number means it was:

  • Tested and evaluated for conformance to building code requirements
  • Manufactured under a recognized and approved quality control system
  • Conforms on an ongoing basis via unannounced inspections by a qualified independent agency

Local and regional code officials have accepted CCRRs created by Architectural Testing; in addition, they are accessible to the public via the Web.

ANSI Accredited

The Architectural Testing Code Compliance Research Report program is accredited as a product certification program by the American National Standards Institute. ANSI accreditation adds an additional level of integrity and confidence to a program that has already gained wide acceptance among building code officials.

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