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none Insulating Glass Fast Facts
  • State-of-the-art, fully automated test equipment.
  • Customized test procedures for prototyping and specific industry or application requirements.
  • Approved by all major industry certification programs including IGCC, IGMA, ALI, NAMI, and Keystone Certification Services.
  • Accredited by International Accreditation Services (IAS) to ISO 17025.
  • Test more than 1,700 insulating glass units per year.


Certification of fenestration products ensures their performance and, therefore, their widespread use in the building industry. Testing conducted by the Insulating Glass department of Architectural Testing, which is accredited by the International Accreditation Service, provides glass manufacturers the testing needed to qualify for insulating glass certification programs. Architectural Testing is your leading testing laboratory for Energy Star and NFRC certification.

Insulating glass units are subject to environmental exposure to measure their performance for seal durability, weathering, and volatile fogging. Insulating glass units endure 15 weeks of exposure to extreme temperature variations, ultraviolet radiation, and changes in humidity. Insulating glass units are also exposed to UV radiation and heat to test for chemical fogging.


As part of Architectural Testing's commitment to providing the most comprehensive testing in the marketplace, we constantly strive to develop new and innovative tests, giving our clients the ability to improve their products. For example, we are currently updating all of our insulating glass operations with state-of-the-art equipment.

To provide the highest level of accuracy, our insulating glass accelerated weathering and high humidity chambers are controlled using proprietary software developed and updated by Architectural Testing. The engineering staff at Architectural Testing can review the daily performance of the insulating glass chambers at any of our locations. These new chambers are also double the size of standard insulating glass chambers, giving our laboratories more capacity and reducing backlog. For our clients’ convenience, Architectural Testing tests more than 1,700 insulating glass units a year at our laboratories located in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Texas, and California.

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Insights and Possibilities

Insulating glass testing is performed according to the following test standards:

  • ASTM E 2188 / E 2189 / E 2190 (HIGS)
  • ASTM E 773 / E 774 / E 1887 (CBA)
  • ASTM E 546 (Frost Point)
  • ASTM E 576 (Vertical Frost Point)

Architectural Testing also performs the following specialty testing:

  • Non-destructive Argon fill level testing
  • Field frost point testing
  • High-altitude insulating glass testing (Capillary Tubes)
  • Thermal testing
  • Material prototyping for volatile fog outgassing

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